Sunday, December 28, 2008

cold run

well, went back out for a run today. first since "the great sickness of '08." it was good to get out, but c-c-c-cold. about 5˚ when I left the house. it can be 5-10˚ colder on the trails at the BLM Campbell Tract where I run, so it may have been below zero while I was out.

I ran from the house to the Science Center on the road, then on trails up to the bridge at the Airstrip TH, then down the Moose Track Trail to back to the road and home. Trail conditions were good. About a 4.65m run overall that took me 53min. Jackson came and enjoyed running through the deep snow just off trail.

when I returned home Tiff snapped this pic. Kind of like old man winter...enjoy!


  1. brrrrrrrr... too cold for me! you look happy, though. very very cold and happy.

  2. yeah, I wasn't cold cause I'd been running. it was funny because I had passed a co-worker on the trail and said hello but he didn't reply back. when I got home and saw what I looked like I realized that he probably didn't recognize me.