Sunday, December 7, 2008

if someone says, "I'm going to shave all my body hair" does that mean their head too?

so on friday, I went snow-board-ing at Alyeska Resort with the East High School snowboard club. what a great way to spend the day, getting paid to chaperone students while snowboarding at an amazing resort. for those who know Alyeska, high traverse opened for the first time friday and first tracks down it were bomber. shoot, even second and third and fourth runs were great. I took along a lomo fisheye lens camera and took some shots with it. the one here is probably the best one from the day...still figuring out how to best use the camera. anyway, it was a ton-o'-fun and I'm quite sore from my first day out on the slopes for the season.

to follow that up, my soccer team had a game on saturday night (at the dome) and I planned on being really wiped, but once we got playing it wasn't that bad. my body feels like it's shaping up even though it's only been a week since I've started from my baseline. we lost, but we always do. I missed wide a goal I should have scored and actually made one I shouldn't have. Dan scored a hat trick. I'm going to try to run commute to work this week, let you know how it goes.

other notes: took some random photos of snow on lightposts (will post later if worth it), manchester united played a nail biter against sunderland on saturday winning 1-0 in extra time, we got our tree put up and Tiff made it look beautiful as always, the little guy loves santa homer...

let me leave with this: is your head just another body part, or is it its own thing? like do you have a body and a head, or just a body? what prompted this question is this, if someone says, "I'm going to shave all my body hair" does that mean their head too?


  1. hey there, jo jo dancer. interesting question! in my opinion, the body is separate from the head... simply because the head could theoretically operate without the body (with the addition of copious amounts of electrical current a'la das frankenstein :) but the body could not operate without the head telling it what to do.

    then again, there are those infamous "chickens with their heads cut off" running around, as the saying goes, so what do i know! LOL i think that for shaving purposes, the head and body are separate entities.

    love reading the blog! just found it today... sorry to hear about your impending knee surgery... again. my 4 are taking their toll now, that's for sure, although i am not quite as actively adventurous as you. take it easy. xo

  2. about the shaving, I also think that they are separate. thanks for commenting because I thought this was a great question that just needed to be asked and no one was answering.

    as for knees this one especially sucks because it doesn't really hurt or anything, it just swells up after activity and is then inflexible. could definitely be worse though.

    great hearing from you!