Wednesday, December 31, 2008

trick knee?

well, I've hit a snag in my 'training' program. my right knee is swollen. didn't notice it until after my tempo run today on the treadmill. I have a history with knee surgeries so I have to be careful.

here's the history in a nutshell: '99 - left knee ACL reconstruction, meniscus removal and repair; '04 - left knee meniscus removal (on the repaired part from '99); '06 - right knee ACL reconstruction, meniscus removal and repair.

left knee has been great since the last surgery. the right knee has been great until about 2 months ago when it inadvertently went into negative flexion during a soccer game. it has been kind of tricky since then. feeling a bit stiff after sitting in the same position, sore in the morning, extending into negative occasionally, etc. I think it just doesn't like the negative as it hadn't gone there since the surgery.

if you don't know knees, a normal knee has both positive and negative flexion. negative flexion is when you lock your knees. after a surgery like mine a person will usually be limited on their flexion capacity because of scar tissue, rehabilitation, and other factors. well, the ol' right knee hadn't been in the negative for over two years. so I'm wondering if it is getting used to it or if there is another problem. either way, it is another hit to my pride and frustrating my efforts to be a quality, competitive runner.

the reality is though that I'm only 33 and I want to be able to run, hike, bike, heck even walk later in life so I've got some evaluating to do...

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