Saturday, January 17, 2009


well, it's been awhile...but I haven't been doing much 'mucking' since my knee swelled up. the word is that I'll be having my 4th knee surgery on Tuesday. Doc thinks that I've re-torn the cartilage in my right knee that had been repaired in '06. didn't last as long as the first repair.

oh well. the good news is that it'll only be a 6-8 week recovery, versus the 8-10 months with an ACL repair. should still give me plenty of time to train for the races I want to do this summer. I was hoping to get an early start but I think with this surgery I'll definitely be better off.

on another note I'm in Portland for a soccer tournament. I've been coaching with the Alaska Northstars for the last 5 years. this year I'll be with the u17 boys for both this tourney and President's Day in Phoenix. we had a great day of play today. in the first game we deserved a win with our play but lost on an unlucky goal in the final 5 minutes. final score of 1-2. in our second today we dominated at bigger, faster team 2-0. both goals coming after great build-up of play. this team is probably the best Northstars team I have coached. the are quick, technical, and tough. great qualities for any team. we have one game tomorrow and one on Monday. I think we'll win 'em both.


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