Tuesday, February 17, 2009

back to training...but not really

so, here I am. four weeks out from knee surgery as of today. I'm posting a couple of much needed (?) updates as I realize it has been about two weeks.

the knee is recovering nicely, as is my mental state on the whole issue as well. with prayer, discussions with a couple of good friends, and input from my wife, God has brought me to the place where I am ok with whatever the outcome may be from my lack of normal knees. within a weeks time I found myself going from not wanting to 'be that guy' who can't participate b/c of old injuries to finding myself saying to an acquaintance that "yeah, after a fourth surgery my playing days are probably done." as I write this there is a part of me that sincerely hopes that this is not true, but at the same time if it is, I am completely at peace with it. there are other activities that I can do and other things I want to be able to do for a lifetime.

that being said, here is a picture from my recent 'return' to training. Jackson, the little guy, and I went for a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood last Thursday. it was great to get out with them and walk around on a mild winter day. I love being outside more than being anywhere else and I'm hoping that the little guy will share that love too.

as for other rehab, I've been on the elliptical up to 20 min. with no pain or swelling and have also jogged a couple of times at the dome. I found a progressive jogging program online at the physioroom.com and have done the first two day's workouts but didn't want to push it. like the doc says "little by little." I'm actually going to follow that this time.

I haven't completed committed to the core program yet that I spoke of earlier, but it is something I need to do and will begin hitting it for real soon. keep me accountable...

that's it for now from ak. next post be looking for some rental van baja action from this past weekend in Phoenix.

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