Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"training" run 2

yesterday I went for my first real run since my last knee surgery (6 weeks ago today). the little guy (in the bob), the dog and I went out and ran 2.85 miles in 30 min. not speedy by any means but it felt great to be out there. I can feel it today but not in a pain way but in a "hey, I remember doing this kind of stuff" way.

I ran kind of a ladder b/c I wanted to ease into it. I ran 3 then walked 1, then ran 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 5:1 and then was home or I would have gone back to 3. it was good times. the little guy was babbling away most of the time, enjoying the dog running alongside and the cars driving by. the temp was about 20-25˚ perfect for a winter/spring run.


rental van fun in Phoenix

so what is it with me and about 2 weeks between posts? so much happens in that amount of time that I really shouldn't wait so long. so be it.

here is the much awaited (?) rental van off-roading in Phoenix. let me set up the scene: I have been going to the President's Day Tournament in Phx for the last several years, coaching with the Alaska Northstars program. I have been eye-balling this empty lot for the last couple years thinking it would be so much fun to drive around in it. so this year, with only 5 players in the 15 passenger van, I went for it. we made a big full lap around this huge lot then one of the players commented that he should have recorded the action on his cell phone. the 46 second clip that you see here is just a mini-version because I didn't want to risk going around again (breakage or somebody calling the police). FYI this was a commercial lot so no fragile desert vegetation was harmed that isn't going to be harmed eventually anyway.

it was hilarious afterwards to be driving around in a big white van that was now caked in mud. we were the envy of all the other teams in their clean big white vans.