Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm still here/PT

i have been neglecting my blog so far this spring as spring is always a busy time. i a soccer coach at a local high school and the season started March 9th. going straight from work to practice to home leaves not much room for extra stuff, so here i am, many weeks since my last post.

i've just finished up a month of Physical Therapy for my knee. it has been quite productive for me. i've undergone gait analysis (i did everything wrong when i ran) and have gotten some valuable core strengthening exercises. the overall process has been extremely helpful. i've learned, as i guessed, that my posture and lack of core strenght hasave a lot to do with my injuries and recurring ailments.

we began with gait analysis the first session and just starting with walking, their were numerous points that the therapist gave me that corrected some long standing issues. once i began to run the therapist gave constant feedback as to how to move more efficiently and with less impact. by the end of the session my stride was better, i felt strong, and had less pain than when i started. i also went home with some exercises that would help to keep my hips in alignment as they are the foundation for my posture.

the next session i ran some more, continueing to receive feedback, and worked on some core and leg strengthining sessions on the BOSU. the next session: more running and band exercises.

the final session was cut short because i had received a knock in a soccer game the previous wekend. no, not in the legs fortunately but in my hand. it was quite painful and had swollen up a lot. it looked like a surgical glove when you blow up the palm. i was evaluated and measured to guage my progress then sent to get x-rays. no fracture which is good. the swelling has gone down and the pain has subsided.

that's what's been going on. more posts to come when i begin training and getting out and about in AK.

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