Sunday, May 24, 2009

1st time clamming

today we went clamming, well actually we joined some friends who went clamming and came in on the tail end of the low tide, but we got a few. our friends Brad and Tobi who own the lodge had gone to Ninilchik with a couple more of the crew staying at the lodge, so Tiff, the little guy, Jackson and I piled in the car and met them down there.

they were making their way in but we got on the beach in enough time to dig out 4 clams. I had never clammed before so Tobi instructed me in how it's done. I had two misses but dug out the third one.

it was pretty fun. now having done it we'll probably do it more as the whole family can do it. the little guy even got into it, probing the sand with his dowel, teaching mommy how it's done.

I love AK!

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