Friday, September 4, 2009

summer recap

the summer came and went; fast, furious, and fun. one of the best on (my) record weather-wise. i'll present some highlights as it would be mind boggling to try and go back and remember all the awesomeness.

it was amazing to only work minimally this summer. only guided one trip, coached on a 5 day nw college tour, and reffed a couple nights a week. what was amazing was the time i was able to spend with my wife and child. waking up each day and having the entire day to play in the sunshine with them was the #1 highlight of my summer. that being said, here are some more rapid fire:

14 mile run on the Kenai's long lake trail, which parallels the lost lake trail near Seward.

10 mile run to Eagle/Symphony Lakes in the south fork valley. awesome swim in Symphony. 86˚ temperature when i returned to the truck.

8 mile rabbit lake run.

ran the Crow Pass Crossing for the third time. though it was my worst time yet, i learned much from this race and was blown away by what is possible, ie. Geoff Roes' sub 3 hours, wowzer! next year i may even train seriously for this event.

camping and canoeing at a 'secret' spot for the 12th anniversary of marriage to my sweetpea, Tiffany.

swimming in the kiddie pool with my little guy.

northwest college tour with the Alaska Northstars select soccer team. we hit 9 colleges in 5 days, from Seattle to Portland and back.

guiding another awesome Kenai Multisport trip for The World Outdoors. a sampling of some of the best day trips on the Kenai.

....this is what i can think of right now. fun times, great summer.

and oh yeah, i'm injured again. it'll heal though, just no running for a while.