Friday, April 23, 2010

(re)discovering the joy of biking

in attempts to be fit for racing this summer - meaning not only just being able to complete the race but to not feel so beat up during/after the race - i'm attempting to put some actual structure into my *cough*training. anyhoo, it's going well for week one: taking my vitamins, eating decently, and exercising daily.

yesterday was cross training so i went for a bike ride. now typically i would bust out the minutes on a trail ride as that is what i enjoy, but seeing as how trails are pretty unrideable right now (unless you enjoy deep slush) i hit the road on my cross bike.

usually i don't ride on the road, unless riding the mt bike to or from a trailhead or going to the coffee shop so i didn't really know what to expect. in a word, it was exhilirating. i climbed up Abbott Rd looping past Hilltop Ski Area up and over to O'Malley. it was a tough climb, especially without a small cog, but once i hit the high point it was a rush. i easily topped 40mph on the downhill. cars that passed me were barely going faster than i was. i felt great finishing with the little hills on Birch Rd then connecting back to Elmore to cruise home. in all it was 45 min. or so and 10.65 miles.

as i was riding home i wondered why i haven't done this before? i love trail running, but the speed, rhythm, and mileage of road biking definitely planted itself in my psyche. i'm sure it will be my cross training of choice in future weeks.

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