Monday, April 11, 2011

running outside again

yay, running outside again! only 2mi. at a time but better than nothing, and great to get off the treadmill. I'm testing out the knee for outside movement along with taping techniques learned in PT. all miles on pavement so far in the Hoka OneOne Mafates.

I'm going to try to get up to 4 mi. then get on trails this week. Boo yah.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 already?

wow, first post in the new year/last quarter of last year....lots going on.

firstly, and most important, I'm going to be a new father any day now. we're expecting our second son and I'm stoked. preparations for the new arrival have kept me busier than normal, but so too has our 3 year old and all that goes along with having an expanding family. there's no better job than that of a Dad if you ask me, which you didn't but it's my blog so I can write whatever I want.

anyways, family commitments, high school soccer, AND recurring knee problems - ok, mostly recurring knee problems - have kept me from running very much since the first of the was december, everything fitness-wise was going fine and then BAM!!! I'm leveled at a soccer game. injury to my lower back keeps me out for 6 weeks then after being cleared to run I tick off an easy 2 miles on Jan 1 and my right knee swells up. D'oh!

long story short I more than likely have more torn cartilage in my knee, but am trying everything to avoid surgery, in fact my new knee Doc, Vermillion, seems to think that surgery could clean it up but in the long run it will probably continue to 'flake off' meaning continuing to tear/I'm osteoarthritic at 36 years old. his Rx was glucosamine, PT, Synvisc injections, and orthotics, which sounded a lot better to me than a 5th knee surgery. I've been going that route for almost 2 months now and things are starting to sort out or at least the knee is feeling stronger/more stable.

at times I'm discouraged that it doesn't feel 'normal' anymore, but like my wife said last night, "you have torn cartilage in your knee. it's not going to feel normal." it is progressing though, I'm running on the treadmill, and I'll be back outside on the trails soon (or as soon as it stops snowing and blowing).