Thursday, December 13, 2012

running again, again

After the ResPass 100 I ran two more races, the Lost Lake Trail Run in Seward in late August (15.75miles) and the Equinox Ultramarathon in Fairbanks in mid September (40miles) after that I took 10 weeks off from running to figure out what's going on with my Posterior Tibialis Tendon.

This is something I have dealt with off and on for the past 3 years, but culminating with daily pain after the Equinox Ultra. My ortho recommended 6 weeks rest and then re-evaluating, after which it wasn't any better and he referred me to an ankle specialist. 2 more weeks till that appt. and he said, "yes, surgery to re-align your foot could work, but I won't do the surgery on you." I have Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) or acquired flat foot. My tendon currently has tendinosis, which is structural damage in the tendon on the cellular level. It is progressive, but the doc said that right now I have good tendon function so he wouldn't want to do surgery as it could mean my end to endurance running. He said I might need it eventually, but not guaranteed.

The Tx is to wear custom orthotics at all times, ice, rest as needed, and listen to my body. So I went for my first run in 10 weeks on Tuesday night, the Pub Run. Only 2.88 miles in 27 min. but was great to get out and reacquaint my lung, legs, and mind. Looking forward to ramping up my running and then start training again in late January.

my first 100 part 4: the details

Ok, so it's been 3 months since the last post but I had promised to divulge the details of my race in regards to gear, food, footwear and clothing. This is that post.

The easiest way to do this is in a list form, which I will follow with details about when/how used. Since this race is largely self-supported I carried quite a bit with me from mile 12 on.

2 handheld bottles: nike, amphipod - used both for the first 12 miles
Salomon skin set 10+3 pack: carried from mile 12-100 - pack contents follow
-3 20oz. bike bottles
-minimal first aid kit: random bandages, space blanket, tweezers, pocket knife, antihistamine, ib, tylenol, spare contacts, tape
-mtn hardwear long sleeve t
-nike run gloves
-nike liner hat
-spare socks: feetures
-handheld strap
-small vasoline
-black diamond spot headlamp
-2 AAA batterries
-silk weight long john bottoms
-Montbell wind/rain jacket and pant (8oz. total weight)
Suunto Ambit watch
Garmin 405 watch (back-up picked up at mile 50)
Nike sunglasses

Hoka One One Mafate: wore the entire race
Hoka One One Bondi B: backup at mile 88, didn't use
Feetures Elite light cushion/low cut socks: brand new at race start, only wore one pair but had a backup in the pack

Clothing: (I changed shorts, shirt, and visor at mile 50)
2 pair nike running shorts
2 adidas sleeveless running shirts
2 headsweats visors
Salomon s-lab calf sleeves

Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem mixed in a 12 hour concentration, carried in a 20oz. bottle, Caffe Latte flavor
Hammer Nutrition Gels: orange in a 5 serving bottle, chocolate, espresso, raspberry - 1 per hour -OR-
Hammer Nutrition Bars: oatmeal raisin, cashew/choc chip - half bar per hour -OR-
Snickers bars - half per hour
PB&J sandwiches - as needed (only had one per 50 mile segment)
Salt Stick tablets: 1 every hour, tapered off at the end, which was a mistake
flat Coke: mile 88
food eaten at aid stations: salted potatoes, peanut m&m's, banana, payday candy bar


I think that's everything. I had no major blisters or chafing (except, weirdly, on my bum), and no digestive issues other than a short bout of mild nausea after mile 50 that was either from the potato or bouncing light on the trail. Everything gearwise went well. Don't think I would change anything except having a usb battery charger pack to recharge my Suunto on the trail, and if there were more climbing I would have brought my Black Diamond Z-poles.

Food wise I needed to get more salts in during the later stages of the race. I started peeing a lot, like every hour, during the last several hours of the race. At the time I thought this was a good sign that I was hydrated but in talking with a nutritionist later I discovered that it was bc of an imbalance of salts. I should have kept up on the salt tablets and also supplemented with some sort of electrolyte replacement drink every so often.

All in all though it was a highly successful 100 mile race and I wouldn't change much in terms of gear, clothing, and food.

Please comment with any questions you might have. Thanks.