Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a shock to the legs (training week2)


I am attempting to get back into a regular running routine and my body is taking notice, specifically my legs. My overall fitness feels pretty good, but my legs have been shocked by this weeks' workouts. I do notice that I tend to be much more aware of myself when I am training regularly. Hard to explain but my time seems to be more intentional when I know there is an ultimate goal. I am working on not wasting the minutes, but being (mentally) present daily wherever I am; whether it's with my wife, the boys, at work, or at play. My life is much more rewarding this way.

day1&2 were a wash with travel back from Phoenix and a day at home with the family.

day3 I ran 3 miles in the morning on the dreadmill, and 4 miles in the evening. My body was still cold after spending time in PHX and I couldn't bring myself to run outside.

day4 splitboarding lap at Hilltop

day5 up super early, 4am, to get in a 2 hour run. I intended to run another hour on the dreadmill but it didn't happen. My morning run was difficult: 4-8" fresh snow, still snowing as I ran, 1300' climb, cold, mostly unconsolidated trail. It was good to work hard though.

day6 went out during nap time for an hour on the dreadmill, got eight and a half minutes in and my little guy decided he wasn't gonna nap that day. Went in and got him squared away and did an easy CrossFit body weight WOD. 2 rounds for time of 35 squats, 35 knees to elbow, 35 squats, 35 situps, 35 lunges, 35 squats. Afterwords my thighs were pumped, weird to see them so huge. I have been feeling that workout for 3 days now.

day7 rest

Not a super crazy week and actually less mileage/time than last week.

On Friday, after worship practice, my boys and I witnessed a burning mobile home. R thought it was cool to see all the fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, but it was sad to see someone's home being burned. We took the opportunity to thank God for what we have, and pray for those affected by the fire. It is important to seize those teachable moments.


 Fur Rondy parade in Anchorage


  1. Wow, good to read about your dedicated training and parenting. we really miss u guys, wish we could see u all. love you guys

  2. The boys are too cute in their winter garb and getting so big! Love the pix of your future drummer...watch out for him; he'll be a heartbreaker! :)