Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the new norm? (training wk3,4,5)

Another week down with no end in sight...well, I can see the end, but it's a long way off. Getting behind on the posts so I'm just gonna crank this one out with the numbers and minimal details. Feel free to post with questions if you want more info.

6:45, 37.51mi, 2984'
day1,3 - run w/ 2m tempo on 3
day2 - 2 laps on Hilltop

5:45,  32.77mi, 2939'
day6 - 14 mi long run included 6mi run with soccer team at a quicker pace

7:17, 36.23mi, 2126'
day1 - snowshoeing w/ Dan after soccer, banged my knee
day5 - ran from my house (South Anchorage) to my buddy Matt's house (Eagle River). great conditions: sunny, mid 20's, trail everything from snowy singletrack to dry tarmac to windblown powder to slushy overflow. ran with a head cold and felt fine on the run. busy day Saturday nixed the run and Sunday woke up with a chest cold. have now been dealing with that all week.

So that's what's been happening. Oh yeah, it's been soooper cold this past week. It's been getting up to 20s and low 30s with sun during the day, but getting down to single digits at night. Creating really icy conditions on the trails and very hard to get motivated to run in the AM. Had my best icy face of the year so far:

Haven't run yet this week bc of my congestion. Next week's write up will be short. Oh well. A week off to get healthy ain't no thang.