Monday, April 15, 2013

back in the saddle... (training week8,9)

After 2 weeks of crud I eased back into the running over the past to weeks. Spring in Alaska this year means lots of new snow, sun during the day, but frigid still overnight. That has made it much harder to be motivated to get out of bed in the morning and get my run on. The snow has also made for good skiing so I have foregone some of the long runs instead opting for some splitboarding. I am still basing my training loosely on mileage, but mostly on time. I figure if I can get the time in I will be ready when stuff melts out enough to run...which I hope happens soon. They are actually calling for more snow later in the week...bleh!

5:17, 16.87, 2361'
shorter runs on M,T,W. 2:15 of splitboarding in lieu of long run on Sat.
also practiced with my jv soccer boys on Monday. man, that killed my knee.

7:30, 29.19, 4626'
runs on M,T,W w/ :45 of soccer on M,W as well. Friday was my big day with a 2 hour run in the AM followed by a 2 hours of splitboarding in the afternoon. was hoping to get out Sunday splitboarding as well but ran out of time, not light though as the sun is currently setting around 9:30!

This week I am switching my long runs back to Sat/Sun instead of Fri/Sat. Since the runs have gotten longer it is too difficult to get them done on Friday when I work. I will switch it back once school gets out.

Here's a pic from splitboarding on Friday afternoon. Sweet sun and snow, was blowing like crazy up top and cold though.

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