Monday, April 1, 2013

the creeping crud, PLUS 2012 recap & 2013 plans (training w6,7)

I ran my 20 miler two weeks ago with a head cold. I felt fine and the run went great, but two days later, BAM! chest cold. I have bronchial asthma so as soon as a cold settles into my chest I am out of commission. This was a bad one. Two weeks of hacking, no energy, hit-by-a-truck feeling, cold. In the weekend between I had my Wilderness First Responder recertification, a 24 hour classroom/scenario course. It was brutal but I made it through.

This past weekend I decided to jump right in on Saturday for a scheduled 24 mile run. I made it as far as the front door in my running shorts before I called it. It was 530 AM, cold, and I could still feel a rattle in my chest. What's two more days off? So this morning I went on my first run in 16 days. It went pretty well so I think I am ready to ramp back up into the training.

Training for what? Well, I am planning on two 100 milers this year, with some other races thrown in for good measure. My current race schedule for 2013 looks like this:

May 23rd: Kal's Knoya Ridge run (8.5k, 4300') completed this for the first time last year. It's a blast!
June 29th: Sluicebox 100 (Fairbanks, AK) this is my first goal race. I'm shooting for finishing.
July 27th: Crow Pass Crossing (24mi) running easy as a final long run before tapering for...
August 9th: Resurrection Pass 100 (repeat of last year) I hope to better my time of 25:37 from last yr.
August 24th: Lost Lake run (16mi) ran w/ a team last yr. & might again this yr., maybe...
September 21st: Equinox Ultramarathon (64k) had a great time at this last yr. Hoping to be up for it.

My goal for the summer is to complete the two 100 milers and finish with Equinox. The other races are if my conditioning and health allow. There is a new race, Kesugi Ridge, in Denali State Park September 7th that looks really interesting, but I really want to be ready for Equinox so I'll feel it out.

On a side note, thought I'd post my 2012 totals here for the record:
Mileage: 1573.33
Training Time: 298:53 hours
Elevation: 133,468 feet

These totals are for running ONLY, no other activities are factored in (ie. hiking, biking, ski touring, swimming). Also, this is only for runs recorded via GPS and recorded on Garmin Connect or Movescount. There were several outings without a watch that were not recorded.

What's funny is to contrast this with my recorded totals from 2011: 185 miles and 21,228'. I have been running trail races since 2003 but have never trained. Amazing what one can do with proper preparation.

HE IS RISEN! Happy Easter.

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